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Next, we will inform you about our Best Guaranteed Price Policy.

Prices, promotions and offers which appear in our web site www.blauhotels.com and www.blauhotelscuba.com are the official ones. All the prices of blauhotels.com and blauhotelscuba.com are per room and full stay and they are shown with the VAT and other included taxes (subject to changes of the mentioned taxes), unless specified in another way in our web site or at the confirmation email address.

If, after making your reservation with us, you find your accommodation in Internet with the same booking conditions in a lower price, we will equal the price according to the following terms and conditions:

We will equal the price of the other offer if the following conditions are met:

-       You have immediately reached us and up to 48 hours after booking. You have got all the information about the other offer including the link to the web site offer and the exact price they are offering.
-       The other offer can be booked on line and it is still available when we check it.
-       The other offer is subject to the same conditions of booking that you chose in Blauhotels.com. This means that:
  • It is the same accommodation.
  • It is the same type of room, apartment, etc.
  • It is for the same arriving and departure dates.
  • The room has the same conditions (including board and cancellation conditions, the pack offer, etc.)
-       The conditions of your booking with us still allow you to cancel and make free changes.
In case we cannot equal the price of the other offer because one of the above conditions is different, you will keep your actual booking including the cancellation terms.

Our Minimum Guaranteed Price shall not apply if:

-       You make your reservation through a web page which does not show the establishment or the type of accommodation in which you will stay until the booking is not finished.
-       You have made a booking using:
  • Special prices for members or through a private sale channel.
  • Discounts for regular customers of the consulted web.
  • Rewards program.
  • Any other kind of program or special promotion of the consulted web.
-       You don’t contact us before the 48 hours after making the reservation.

Why is the Best Guaranteed Price applied until 48 hours after formalizing the booking?
Our computer system deals with availability in real time, so prices can often change. That’s why we ALWAYS guarantee you the best price when you make your reservation and up to 48 hours afterwards and not later when another web site could decide to lower the prices.
How can I claim for the Best Guaranteed Price?
Should you find a cheaper rate in another web within the following 48 hours of your booking in www.blauhotels.com and www.blauhotelscuba.com, call us at +34.902.222.070 (M-F except holidays, from 09-14h and 16-19h) or send us an e.mail to info@blauhotels.com with the link which proofs the difference of price and the information of  the booking made in our web. After checking the rate, we will change your booking at once and we will inform you through the same way you reached us.
In any case, there must be an evidence that you got in touch with Blau Hotels & Resorts within the period through e.mail or phone call (voice message in the answer machine).

Which is the period of time for Blau Hotels & Resorts to adjust my rate?
As long as the e.mail or phone call which informs us of the difference of price found between your booking of www.blauhotels.com and www.blauhotelscuba.com is within the 48h after your booking has been completed, regardless of when you receive the answer from the Blau Hotels & Resort team, we will evaluate it and contact you and if the Minimum Guaranteed Price conditions are met, we will apply the lower price. This way, we assure you that, leaving evidence of it throughout the following 48h after the booking, we will always respect the Minimum Guaranteed Price conditions (if they are met) though the answer from the Blau Hotels & Resorts team could not be immediate.